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The Enchanted Land

The Mage speaks to the Fairy Queen: "Take your tears and throw them into the velvet blueness." Thus she does … and in the wild lands, where there is no light, on the dark waves, where seamen travel without hope, clusters of splendid stars start to radiate and illuminate the night with White Peace.

Ancient cultures lived close to nature. They left behind a legacy of beautiful myths, that have been preserved in the magical stories of farmers, fishermen, fairy tales and in literature. Their worldview contains great wonders, their tales hold immense beauty, their spells cause big miracles. We have inherited an awesome wisdom teaching concerning the Tides of the Magic of Life.

This worldview educates us about the magical laws of nature; laws that are still valid! This legacy offers us a helicopter view on present-day events and provides us with unexpected answers to contemporary issues. Mythical stories comment on the questions of life and hide precious magical techniques, that we can learn to apply ourselves; and they work!

Learn to see natural objects as living entities and become enchanted by a magical landscape filled with beauty, wonder and mystery, experience awe and fascination about our precious Enchanted Land.

During this weekend retreat you will learn to apply these lessons in your own life. You will become more conscious of the powers of nature at work within society. You will learn the skills of the Twelve Weavers, the Songs of Trance, the Magical Armor and much, much more. This retreat will be even more special, since it is planned on the Samhain weekend and includes an outdoor ritual wherein we will be taught directly by the forces involved.


Date + Time: October 28 9.30 a.m. (Doors open 9 a.m., morning, afternoon and evening until 10 p.m.) and October 29 9.30 a.m. (Doors open 9 a.m., morning, afternoon) until 5 p.m.
(For members of the Hermetic Order there is a pre-retreat at Friday evening, October 27.)
Price: € 250,00. Coffee, tea and workshop book included.  

Tel.: (0031) (0) 610599875

Application and information: info@templeofstarlight.eu / www.templeofstarlight.eu

Location: Western Mystery School Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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