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Solo Magical Training – The Law of Attraction

Lesson 16: The Sea Mother

This Path connects the Treasure house of Images with the Temple of the Goddess of Love. No wonder that it is difficult to find the road here. The chance to get lost in illusion is very high here. Seduction is the main danger, as well literally as symbolically. The art that you need to practice here is to fish for jewels in the waters of astral seduction. Some people meet their new partners here.

Now you are starting to notice that the images in your meditations come to life. It is like you have found a sender for psychic energy and you are getting the messages of the paths and the Sephiroth clearer. Slowly you are noticing that the inner images tend to influence outer events. This is a parallel process that becomes stronger when you get more trained.

Tzaddi is the Stars!

The infamous Magician Aleister Crowley had the opinion that the connection between the path of Tzaddi and the tarot card was wrong. We do not share his opinion.


Lesson 17: The Purification Mountain

The road between Hod and Netzach is generally regarded as a difficult path. Every time we grow our ego tends to lift with the current. As Magicians this has our undivided attention. It is one of the pitfalls of the Road of the Magician. That is why we constantly purify ourselves from our ego. We want to prevent that the road to the Gods and Angels that we so carefully build, suddenly collapses under the weight of an overweight ego.


We shake our tree regularly to see if we are still rooted in the earth and to shake off any rotten apples. When the road is difficult on this path, think that the Tree of Life is rooted deep in the Earth. It will not fall down. Only superfluous things will be shaken off.


Lesson 18 Netzach: The Temple of the Lady with the Shining Face and Lesson 19 Netzach: The Garden with the Two Fountains

This Temple is consecrated to the Goddess of Love. She is beautiful and unapproachable. In her Temple are two fountains from which fresh water flows. When you drink from one source you will taste Delight. The other source causes Bitter Tears and deep sorrow. Here you will meet the Invisible Beloved. He turns out to be a guide who will lead you further on the Tree of Life.

In the Temple of the Goddess of Love you are tested. You need to sort out the seeds, you need to collect the Golden Wool and you need to get the beauty crème from the Goddess of the Earth. What do these tests mean for your spiritual work?

In this lesson you learn that love energy can be transformed to spiritual growth. What do you see of yourself when you mirror yourself in the presence of the Beloved? Meet yourself in the Mirror of Hathor.


Lesson 20: The Sacrifice of the Son of the Morning

Demon est Deus Inversus

When you would ask me what I think is the most difficult path on the Tree of Life I would choose this one. When you do not understand this path properly it can drag you down in the Fall of the Son of the Morning. If you understand his sacrifice his energy changes into a stairway to heaven This Path must be seen in the Light of Divinity that guards it. Under the guidance of the All Seeing Eye itself and the Beloved who leads the way, you can safely travel this road. Be careful here, do not walk with arrogance where Gods and Angels walk carefully.


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Solo Magical Training – The Law of Attraction

Lesson 16: May 17 + May 31 – 21:00 CEST
Lesson 17: June 14 + June 28 – 21:00 CEST
Summer Holiday
Lesson 18: August 16 + August 30 – 21:00 CEST
Lesson 19: September 13 + September 27 – 21:00 CEST
Lesson 20: October 11 + October 25 – 21:00 CEST







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