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Solo Magical Training – Raising Fire

Lesson 11 Raising Fire

Like the Holy Cobra you move from left to right upwards on the Tree of Life. Slowly you climb upwards. On your way up the snake dances from left to right; from light to darkness. From male to female. From Yin to Yang. All opposites need to be balanced to take the next step upwards. While you do this you will enter into a purifying fire. That is not always easy. But by putting your soul on the Altar of Purification and clean it with Light, you create a stream of raising Light. This power will help you to climb upwards.

In this lesson you will start to feel the first currents of this raising fire that from now on is going to bubble upwards in small streams. You recognize it by sudden realizations and peak experiences.

The snake that climbs the tree has different names in the old mystery traditions. The ones among you who have studied Eastern Philosophies know her as Kundalini Shakti. In this lesson the Snake starts to rise.


Lesson 12 The Lord of the Fire of the World

The mythological theme of this lesson is 'Stealing fire from Heaven.' What do you do if you achieve wisdom for which you need an inner ripeness to deal with these powers. When you make mistakes, you are still held responsible for the consequences. Everybody who looks around in the modern society can give examples where knowledge is not applied correctly, or even abused.

In Magic this theme is very important. You can read about magical techniques for initiates and adepts. For you remains the question whether YOU are in this situation the right person to work with these techniques. An important credo in Spiritual Magic is 'Make haste slowly.' Practice in becoming modest.


Lesson 13 Hod: The Book of Secrets and Lesson 14 Hod: The Keeper of the Treasure Box

The two lessons that deal with Hod learn you the importance of reading the signs in nature around us. They learn us how you can hear the Voices of the Gods in these signs.

When you know how to read these signs, you can start working with the so called Transformation Spells. You learn to use the energies of minerals, plants, animals etc. to get information from Gods and Angels.

You learn how you get access to the experiences of the Magicians who have lived before our times. They build bodies of light which they used to travel through the Inner Worlds. In these lessons you learn how to create simple light bodies to work Out-of-Body.


Lesson 15 The Tides of the Primordial Spirit

This lesson is described by students as 'revealing'. This lesson opens your consciousness to the unseen undercurrents of life. The interactions which manifest on an energy-level between people can be a disillusion. Your image of what is going on between people needs to be adjusted. It is not only gold that shines.

But be aware! When you look around you and see what is happening between people you will see yourself in the mirror. There is a lot of work to do for everybody.


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Solo Magical Training – Raising Fire

Lesson 11: May 17 + May 31 – 19:30 CEST
Lesson 12: June 14 + June 28 – 19:30 CEST
Summer Holiday
Lesson 13: August 16 + August 30 – 19:30 CEST
Lesson 14: September 13 + September 27 – 19:30 CEST
Lesson 15: October 11 + October 25 – 19:30 CEST






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